Welcome to the Arctic Adventure
in Rovaniemi
26th - 28th of January!


The Fascination of Lapland

More than a hundred years ago the noble gentlemen and their ladies set out for a great adventure. Their Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Lagondas etc. were specially prepared for the long and gruelling trip. The Grand Touring Cars were for the noble Society travelling across Europe to the South to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine.

The really brave ones set out in their magnificent flying machines. Today flying is everyday business, South of Europe is not any more the only great place for holidays.

Still the men and women look for adventures and excitement. The direction has changed to the North. The great dream of many people is to see the Northern Lights, the famous Aurora Borealis. A good location to observe them is on the Arctic Circle. They come in different colours and forms. They create an ever-changing display on the northern crystal blue sky amidst the enormously large stars.

Adventure is still in the heart of people from large cities in the highly developed countries. However they don't have the Northern Lights or the fascinating winding roads with high snow banks as in Lapland. The reindeers and elks are staring at the rally cars half flying along and dragging a huge cloud of virgin snow behind.

This is the ultimate dream of those brave men coming from far places to the Arctic Rally. It could be scary, it will be tough but it will remain as an unforgettable memory forever.   

The wording Grand Turismo still lives strong and desirable.




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