The entry forms and regulations are published and now everything is ready for you to enter the 53th Arctic Lapland Rally! If you are interested to compete in our rally and you need help or more information how to get here, maybe which class is the suitable for you to enter or anything else - please don't hesitate to contact us! You can sent message to our Secretary of the rally Elise Härö - elise.haro (a) and she will help you with anything about the rally.

If you want to know who are already entered to Arctic Lapland Rally go to KITI and there is top of the page word Osallistujat and click that. Then you can see all the entrants at realtime.

The winter has arrived here so quickly this year that we all are amazed! Almost 50cm of snow has falled and it is only December. The view is magnificent in the forest and this weekend our Team Route is going to do some snow blowing and maybe we get to see some sneak peak photos from there too!

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