Few days left to entry to our rally and then we get to see the final list of our competitors. At this moment SM1- class seems really good - already 21 competitors! Among others Jarkko Nikara with his new co-driver Sayaka Adachi and Juha Salo with also his new co-driver Jarno Ottmann are coming to see if they can get the 7th first place from Arctic Lapland Rally. This is something you want to see - is it going to be same kind of "play" with these two drivers that we get to see last year or do we get see a brand new winner this year? The atmosphere in the cars at the last special stages is of the roof I'm sure!

Many foreing drivers have also took part in our competition; Japanese Hiroki Arai and Takamoto Katsuta, Russian Alexander Baranenko, from France Pierre-Louis Loubet and Jean-Jacques Bally and also from Germany Rene Mandel and Tom Hanle just to mention few of them. Welcome you all to this cold north!

Now it's the time to check Kiti at every day. There is going to be lots of entrys at the last minute. Now we just wait and see whose are up for this challenge and who is going to stay home and miss the best time of their life! This is something so unique that you have to experience this right here! 


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