Finnish Rally Championship starts from Rovaniemi’s Lordi square at 26th of January. Like last year the special stages of Arctic Lapland Rally are located near Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi. Again there is going to be a magnificent arctic adventure deep in the snowy forest. Amazing 255 special stage kilometers are waiting and there is two new SS in the road book so there is going to be little bit more challenge also for the professionals this year. New Assistant Cleark of the Course in route, Janne Korhonen, is hoping that more snow will come before January.
- The winter has began well this year, but I am hoping for more snow and cold weather so the route just keeps getting better and the banks bigger. Everything went smooth with ASN Safety Jari Moisio when we inspected the route at autumn before snow. The new special stages are going to be great and the views are stunning as usually. The whole organization is thrilled about the new SS kilometers and I hope that the excitement about who is going to win stays till SS Ristilampi, Korhonen says.
At Friday there are five special stages and two of them are Mäntyvaara’s public SS. The service area is located in Mäntyvaara so there is lot to see to the spectators when the teams service their cars between special stages. At Saturday there is something new from last year arrangements and that is remote service area at Kemijärvi harbor. This is something that helps the competitors to service their cars better and it is great place for spectators to see little bit more also in Kemijärvi.
The main organization responsibility is at Rovaniemen Urheiluautoilijat but we also get help from operators from all over Finland. Organizations chairman, Heikki Poranen, also known as Mr. Tunturiralli, is waiting for many international competitors and spectators to Arctic Lapland Rally.
- There is lots of interest in this kind of winter rally at international level. Number of international competitors has been ascending if we look at past Arctic Lapland Rallies. This competition is very legendary and unique even if we look at all the rallies in the world. We keep on doing plenty of work so there is lot to see for the spectators and we get famous drivers in Lordi squareat January. 
The regulations are announced and the sign up for this legendary competition starts in 1.12.2017. We welcome you all already 53th time to come to Arctic Lapland Rally!

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